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Glossary on Sexual and Swinger Terminology

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Information collected by the AEQSA. Any integral reproduction is strictly prohibited. A partial reproduction (less than 25% of the text) can be made provided it is a cited source. For a reproduction for an Internet site, a link with AEQSA must be made.

- A -

A taste for a shaved pubic area.

Association des Échangistes du Quebec Swingers Association. The Association began in Montreal in October 2001 and includes places where encounter evenings are offered and include participants who are either single or in couples.

(from agora: public place + philia: attraction)
Designates a desire to make love in a public place. Agoraphilics enjoy being sexually active outside, in parks, at movie theaters, or any place where there is considerable risk of getting caught.

Agrexophilia is a particular form of exhibitionism. People practicing agrexophilia enjoy making love or having sex such that other people will know or hear them.

(from algo: suffering + philia: attraction)
Recently created, this word means sexual excitement produced by pain. Algophiliacs are not necessarily masochists. According to the Kinsey report, in a 1953 survey, 50% of people questioned admitted to the possibility of being excited by biting. The pain determined the autonomic nervous system response, increased cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, respiratory rate and sexual sensitivity.

(from the Greek amaurosis: darkness + philia: attraction)
Amaurophiliacs are excited when their sexual partners cannot see them. Also called "lygerasty". This term does not apply to two blind people. Amaurophilia is practiced by covering one's eyes or simply by being in the dark.

(from the Greek: andro: human male + imitation and philia: attraction)
Sexual attraction of women dressed as men, imitating their male attitudes and mannerisms. Roles often played by one of the two partners in a lesbian couple. Joan of Arc was often clad in men's clothing as was Marlene Dietrick in certain scenes. Closer to home, Mitsou played a male in one video clip.

(from the Latin anus + lingere: to lick)
To caress the anus with the mouth and/or tongue. Anilinctus is often very exciting since the anus is a highly innervated area. This practice is often a prelude to sodomy.

(from the Greek: anisos: unequal + gamos: union)
Attraction towards a partner with a big age difference, greater or smaller. Also called "chronophilia". This could be a man attracted to a much younger or much older woman, or conversely, a woman attracted to a man much younger or older than she.

Aphrodisiac is a substance than increases sexual desire, vigor and endurance. There are two types of aphrodisiacs: natural and chemical. Most chemical aphrodisiacs are illegal. Natural aphrodisiacs include oats, coffee, celery, champagne, chocolate, ginger, ginkgo, oysters, kola, mandrake, musk, peyote, human or animal sperm, vitamin B6 (niacin), vitamin C and vitamin E.

(from auto: self + agonist: actor + philia: attraction)
A form of exhibitionism with those who like to be seen on stage, be recorded or be filmed performing a sexual act.

(from axilia: armpits + philia: attraction)
Armpits used for sexual purposes. This area is particularly sensitive. Armpit hairs have an aphrodisiac odor, that of "pheromones" or "sexual hormones". Also known as "hircusophilia".

- B -

Sexual games between two women and one man.

Sexual attraction for one sex or the other. Bisexuality seems natural in that it is exhibited by many animals. It is widely practiced among women, often spontaneously, even with those who have never practiced this beforehand. With men, bisexuality is practiced less, being wrongly perceived as a homosexual act.

Sexual games between two men and one woman.

(English word meaning: sexual)
Bondage consists of preventing one partner from moving. One partner can be tied up using a cinch, rope or chains in simple or complex positions. Being tied up seems to create a reaction from the brain to relax, emitting alpha waves, all of which creating a pleasant hypnotic state. Bondage, with one or more partners, offers many advantages; submission, real or simulated to the pleasure of the other partner, reduces inhibitions and relieves guilt feelings of those with a strict upbringing. Pleasure can then be had without feeling responsible for the sensations experienced. More elaborate bondage can include objects like cages, collars, handcuffs, muzzles...

(from the Greek brady: slow and the Latin cubare: lying down)
Bradycubia means repeated vaginal or anal penetration. The man penetrates and pulls out slowly several times. This practice prolongs the sexual act and prevents premature ejaculation. In the Kama-Sutra, bradycubia is used to satisfy two women intertwined. The man continuously penetrates one and then the other.

Simply sexual boasting. Most frequently seen in young people who are having their first sexual experiences.

Important erogenous zones. The nipples are particularly sensitive.

- C -

This term is used for a man or a woman, while looking at his or her partner engaged in sexual activity with one or more partners. During swinger nights, many guests are often in positions conducive to candaulism.

Excitement brought on at the thought of smoking or seeing someone smoke a cigar. The cigar is a symbol of power and fortune. The cigar is also is also phallic symbol. There is a wide range of uses for sexual games. Some women know how to smoke it by placing it between their vaginal lips. Some are even able to form perfect smoke rings. It is a very popular attraction in Go-Go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand. The cigar is the subject of many recent discussions in reference to the sexual games of former United States President Bill Clinton and his young intern, Monica Lewinski, at the White House.

Chastity Belt
This device prevents sexual activity or masturbation. The practice dates back to the Odyssey when Hephaistos minted a belt to ensure Venus's fidelity. The most beautiful chastity belts in the world are displayed in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

(choreo: dance + philia: attraction)
Excitement brought on by dance. Dancing has always been an activity able to elicit excitement. There was a time when it was condemned by many churches and was considered pagan.

Cock Ring
A cock ring is a tool made of two leather rings. One is placed around the testicles and the other at the base of the penis. The leather rings together increase erection and delay ejaculation.

Mating of male and female humans and animals.

Coitus - Aquatic
Aquatic coitus or coitobalneism is the act of mating in water or in sexual play in a environment with water. Making love in the ocean, in a river or simply in the shower or bath is pleasurable for many. Fellatio or cunninlingus when the partner has cold or hot water in the mouth produces intense pleasure. The jet stream from bidets or whirlpools directed at the clitoris or anus normally produces intense pleasurable sensations.

Coitus - Inter-Crural
Inserting the penis between the partner's thighs. Inter-crural coitus is an alternative to vaginal or anal penetration. There are four ways to practice inter-crural coitus. The first is in standing or lying position. The second is to sit on the partner's knees. The third is to have the partner sit in a chair, legs raised and crossed so as to form a small cavity between the thighs and the perineum. Finally, the fourth way is to place the partner head down, holding onto the hips or knees, and then penetrating between the legs.

Coitus - Inter-Mammary
Insertion of the penis between the breasts. Also called "mammagymnophilia" (sexual excitement from female breasts) or "mazophallation" (insertion of penis between breasts). This act has the more visual term "balcon fleuri" (flowered balcony) or "cravate de notaire" (notary's tie) in France or Pearl Necklace in the United States because of the shimmering sperm beaded on the female partner's chest or throat. The penis is placed in the inter-mammary cleavage, rubbing to-and-fro to ejaculation. The woman can control the pressure by variably pressing her breasts together. She can also use her lips or her tongue.

(Greek: kruos: cold + philia: attraction)
Sexual excitement produced by cold objects. The most commonly used is the icicle. A woman can use an icicle to get her nipples erect. An icicle can also be sucked on before performing fellatio or cunnilingus. For intense pleasure, it can be inserted in the vagina or anus. Pharmaceutical products such as Synthol can also produce a sensation of cold.

(Latin: connus: con (female sex) + lingere: to lick)
The act involves using the tongue or licking the female genitals. It is also called "cunnilingus", "clitorilingus", "oragenitilism" and irrumation. Regardless of the name, it has been around since the dawn of time. This practice is not limited to humans since animals also lick each other. According to a 1993 report from Spira, 79% of people responded to having practiced cunninlinctus. This is one of the main sexual acts among lesbians.

(Latin word for erotic literature)
Sexual literature. Collectors are enthralled by ancient works for which some will invest a great deal of time and money.

- D -

(American term)
Dogging means watching people engaged in sexual activity in a parked vehicle. In Quebec, this is considered voyeurism. Those inclined to participating in this deliberate sexual activity are called exhibitionists while those watching are voyeurs. In big cities, there are specific locations where these acts take place. In Quebec, this activity is often practiced in drive-ins. In Montreal, there are two well-known places where this is practiced on hot summer nights. One is in the Beaver Lake parking lot of Mont-Royal Park and the other is in the parking lot of the Botanical Gardens at Maisonneuve Park. There is a real complicity, though not a word is spoken, between the exhibitionist couples and the voyeurs who come to masturbate near the cars. Dogging does have rules. It is not acceptable for a voyeur to try and touch one of the people in the act. Inappropriate noises are also prohibited.

Erotic role playing. Domination or submission raises the emotional intensity with some people. Domination is practiced using threats or physical pain inflicted on the submissive partner. Submission is produced using methods such as intimidation, restriction or humiliation. The effects of submission have been studied in mice. After a fight, the vanquished animal does not secrete endorphins (pleasure substances) until at the submission stage. In this way, submission creates a euphoric state. It is not uncommon for the dominated or subservient partner to hold a position with stature, accustomed to being in command.

Jet streams penetrating the vagina or the rectum. Used as contraceptive method, for hygiene or simply sexual reasons.

Room designed especially for erotic activities of a sadomasochistic nature. Some dungeons are designed as a medieval torture chamber, others as theaters or churches.

- E -

Excitement at undressing in public. Many strip-teasing or disrobing styles have been practiced by women as well as men, heterosexual or not. Some do this in private. Others take ads out in newspapers or go to the home of their clients to put on their acts.

The endyphiliac prefers that the partner be dressed rather than nude. Also called "endytolagnia".

Term associated with the Greek philosopher Epicurius, who founded a school, The Garden, 300 years B.C., where thinking, sensations and pleasures were taught. A person who thinks only of sensual pleasures.

(Greek: erotikas: related to love + mania: folly)
Sexual obsessions or attraction toward anything related to sexuality, eroticism.

Excitement elicited by showing genitals, or other hidden parts of the body. Exhibitionism is produced without the consent of those who will witness the exhibitionism. As well, exhibitionists do not always necessarily intend to consummate the sexual act. Also called "podeiktophilia".

- F -

A fantasy is a mental image of a specific imaginary experience, wished for or relived. It is like a dream during wakefulness. A solitary fantasy, also called sexual autism, often complements masturbation. Many fantasies stem from childhood.

(Latin: fellare: to suck)
Sucking of the penis mainly using the mouth. In Quebec, the most widely used expressions are "faire une pipe", "se faire manger" (eating someone out), "se faire sucer" (sucking off). In France, we also find the expression "tailler une plume" (sharpening one's pencil), "faire un pompier" (pulling on the firehose), "faire une turlute". Anglophones usually just say "give a blow job". Fellatio and cunnilinctus also fall under the heading of oragenitalism. Fellation has probably always existed in humans. In Greek mythology, Isis enlivened Osiris using fellatio. With the Egyptians, Cleopatra avidly enjoyed this sexual game. Closer to us, the Rita Mitsuko group paid homage to this practice in their song, "La taille du bambou" (The Length of the Bamboo), and in film this was portrayed by Linda Lovelace in the movie Deep Throat. Sucking on one's own penis is rare and is called auto-fellatio. According to a Kinsey report from 1948, only 1% to 2% of men are able to practice this.

(Portuguese: teitico: artificial)
Fetishism, in the true sense of the word, is the fixation for an object or for one part of the body. Often called an enchanted object, a magic spell or magic. Fetishists like to give a soul to inanimate objects. The most common are shoes, lingerie, used prophylactics... ;the object is smelled, touched, fondled, tasted... The fetishist preferring parts of the body, will focus on legs, feet, rear-ends, breasts, navels, hair (as portrayed by "Sacdos" in the recent movie "Charlie's Angels". Worldwide and here in Quebec, we use the term "fetish nights", when guests are clad in leather or latex or simply dressed in black. Those practicing real fetishism and real sadomasochism tend to dress in a similar fashion. During these mixes, many guests are seen wearing submission collars, leather and metal combinations, chains, skulls, religious effigies, gothic style or others. In Quebec, the fetishist culture does not like to mix fetishism or sadomasochism with sexuality. Die-hard sadomasochists usually opt to practice their sexuality in private.

Fist Fucking
Insertion of the hand or closed fist in the vagina or anus. Deep penetration produces different pleasures for the person on the receiving end.

Sexual practice since the dawn of time consisting of hitting a part of the body during the sexual act as the pain felt awakens the senses of the person it is inflicted on.

Fountain Women
Some women ejaculate during orgasm. Actually, this is a sort of ejaculation coming from the Skene glands. These glands are located on either side of the urethra opening. The liquid may look like urine but scientific analysis show that this is not the case. This ejaculation may contain but a few drops or even as much as 250 milliliters.

- G -

G Spot
The G spot, from the gynecologist Ernst Graffenberg, is located approximately 2.5 centimeters from the vaginal cavity on its anterior side. The G spot feels like a circular cushion of fatty tissue. The G spot is a sensitive area for many women and if stimulated properly can bring a woman to ejaculation.

Usually practiced with one woman and several men (also a common practice among homosexuals). Since men and women physically reach orgasm at different times, this practice is more and more popular as it allows the woman, who is at the center of the action, to really take her time to reach a climactic organism.

Attraction towards partners much older than oneself. Called alphamegamia when attracted toward a much older man and anilligania when attracted to a much older woman.

Glory Hole
Barrier between two partners while still enabling sexual activity such as a lathe of wood or metal riddled with holes, a latex screen wall, etc. The goal is to offer oneself to hands, mouths and genitals through these openings without knowing whom they belong to.

Godemiche or Godomichet (Dildo)
Artificial penis. Any object in the form of a penis able to be inserted in the vagina or anus can be considered a godomiche.

- H -

(Greek: hedone: pleasure)
Philosophy of pleasure. Pleasure of the flesh, of the palate, in fact, anything that produces pleasure in life.

(Hermaphrodite: son of Hermes et daughter of Aphrodite)
Person having both male and female organs, usually a vulva, and a penis instead of a clitoris.

Sexual attraction toward persons the opposite sex.

(Latin: homilectus: eloquence + Greek: philia)
Excitement felt when one is on the point of mire, being on stage, giving lectures, holding a teaching chair, being a lawyer in the process of pleading a case, sometimes produce emotions of an erotic nature.

(Greek: homo: similar + phobos: fear)
The homophobic rejects any form of friendship towards a same-sex person, for fear of being considered homosexual. For many heterosexuals, being homosexual is horrifying and means loss of virility.

Exclusive sexual attraction to same-sex persons.

Humiliation or asthenolagnia
Submitted oneself to being insulted or being treated badly for some elicits a strong sexual stimulant.

(Greek: hygro: humidity + philia: attraction)
Sensation of sexual excitation at the contact with bodily fluids, be they wet, sticky or viscous.

- I -

Impotence sadly is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection. The cause may be physical or psychological.

Inverse Ejaculation
When sperm drains towards the bladder rather than coming out by the urethra. Men having had prostate surgery often have this dysfunction. This does not prevent pleasure.

- J -

Fear of losing a loved one, or losing exclusivity. However, jealousy within reason can be s strong aphrodisiac.

- K -

A prolonged sexual act without ejaculation. For reasons of pleasure or contraception, this practice is still very popular nowadays.

- L -

(stemming from the Isle of Lesbos where the poet Sappho lived)
Exclusive attraction of women towards women. Female homosexuality.

Way of life. For the most part, swingers consider their practice as its own lifestyle, a way of life, of thinking...

To be tied or to tie someone up causes compression which produces physical and psychological pleasure to the subservient partner. The ligatures are part of bondage techniques.

Ligature - Penis
Essentially, this is tying the penis using either laces, metal rings or even leather tethers specially designed for this.

Women's underclothes made of lace, silk or any other synthetic material. As exciting for the woman wearing it as for the person looking at her.

As many women as men secrete natural lubricants that facilitate the sexual act. Artificial lubricants can also be obtained in sex shops, pharmacies and natural product stores.

- M -

(from Leopold von Sacher Masoch, Austrian writer)
This expresses a desire for inflicted pain, a feeling of wanting subservience and/or denigration.

Be it sexual or sensual, the goal of a massage to induce relaxation to the person on the receiving end.

Massage Parlors
There are some that are regular, that is, for therapeutic massages; and those, for an additional fee, with an erotic component.

(Latin: manu stupare: manual polluting wet dreams)
This word generally means any type of auto-eroticism bringing to or able to bring to orgasm.

Ménage a trois
Not to be confused with the term triolism. A ménage a trois is characterized by lasting quality, resembling living as a couple. Three people living together, in the same home, sharing in their daily lives and sleeping in the same bed.

- N -

North American Swing Club Association. The Swingers Association was established in California. The acronym is no longer used today. It is now called NASCA INT'L. It is now worldwide.

Not wearing any clothes. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were not conscious of their nudity.

(Greek: nymphoea + mania: madness)
This is, by definition, an insatiable female sexual appetite. It is also called adromania, arhenothigmophilia, clitoromania, coitomimia, uterine furor, libido insatiata, lagnoperissy, paeunomania and hyperphilia.

- O -

Climax of sexual pleasure for both men and women.

Sexual relations with many partners, more than three or four.

- P -

Peep Show
This word means to watch someone undress surreptitiously (secretly).

(Latin phallus: yard + Greek: philia: attraction)
Fascination by women for rather large penises.

A woman with many husbands

Polyamory is the nonpossessive, honest, responsible and ethical philosophy and practice of loving multiple people simultaneously. Polyamory is an umbrella term which integrates traditional multipartner relationship terms with more recent terms. Polyamory is from the root words Poly meaning many and Amor meaning Love hence "Many Loves" or Polyamory. The term Polyamory was not coined until the the nineteen eighties. Prior to the nineteen eighties the words that were used were Group Marriage, Plural Marriage, Polyandry, Polygamy and Polygyny.

To have many mates at the same time.

A man with many wifes

Premature Ejaculation
Also called "preblysis" or "tachorgasmia", premature ejaculation is defined two ways, at least according to Masters and Johnson: when there is male orgasm even before the couple disrobes or when the man is unable to control his ejaculation long enough to satisfy his partner. In his study, Alfred Kinsey noted that 75% of respondents reported ejaculating less than three minutes after penetration. Primates ejaculate in 15 seconds.

Also called condom or safe. It resembles an elastic waterproof sleeve in which the penis is inserted. Previously used as a method of contraception, it's current use is more as a safeguard against venereal disease.

- R -

Restaurants - Erotic
A certain number of restaurants offer erotic attractions, most notably with topless waitresses.

The act of rubbing against an object or a person with sexual pleasure as the goal.

- S -

Commonly known as sadomaso, it involves sexual games or domination/submission.

Sexual Games
From strip-poker to blind man's bluff, human imagination on a sexual level is limitless. These games are most often practiced by teens just becoming sexually active. These can also be practiced by adults during swinger nights to break the ice among the participants.

Sexual practice consisting of ridding the partner's of bodily fluids. The most widely used are: Golden Showers, that is, urinating on the partner. The scientific term for this act is urophilia or ondimism. There are also sperm showers, when sperm is ejaculated between the breasts, on the stomach, the rear-end, the face, or spread out over the body. More rarely, a milk shower may be requested from a nursing woman by pressing the breasts to squirt her partner.

Erotic position where two partners, head to foot, mutually suck or lick each other's sexual organs.

(word stemming from Sodome, the city destroyed by God)
This term means anal or homosexual penetration. Sodomy is still a crime in Canada when practiced by more than two partners or when practiced in front of other people or in a public place.

(from the Greek: sperma, sperm + philia: attraction)
Excitement at the sight, contact or ingestion of sperm. This fascination of sperm on women explains why pornographic movies almost always show external ejaculations.

Sexual practice between several people, married or not. Swinging is most often practiced between couples. Occasionally, single males are invited to join the group. Single women, however, are always welcome as there is a greater proportion of bisexual women in society. Human beings, like animals, are excited at listening, seeing or sensing other individual in the act of copulation. In the United States, about five million people practice swinging. Here in Quebec, more precisely in the Montreal area, there are 20 to 25 places available for swingers. These include clubs, hotels, private homes, cruises, movie theaters and bed-and-breakfasts. These places are usually found in the adult section of the classified ads in newspapers or on the Internet. Since many years, the United States has a swinger's association, NASCA (North American Swing Club Association). Here in Quebec, the Swinger's Association, AEQSA, was founded in 2001.

- T -

Erotic telephone conversation. Used as a form of stimulation, or by obligation when one of the partners is far away for an undetermined period of time.

Male glands producing sperm, they are located in the scrotum are the male equivalent of the woman's ovaries.

Simple sexual experience during which a third person occasionally joins in.

- V -

A voyeur enjoys watching people committing a sexual act, with or without their consent. This practice is becoming more and more popular with women as much as with men.

- X -

(from the Greek: xeno: stranger + philia: attraction)
Sexual attraction to strangers.

- Y -

Symbol of femininity.

Information collected by the AEQSA. Any reproduction in whole is strictly forbidden. Any reproduction in part (less than 25% of the text) can be made provided the source is cited. If reproduced off an Internet site, a link with AEQSA must be made.


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