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Information Evenings
Kinky cruises Montreal Sexy Boat
Kinky cruises Montreal Sexy Boat

Information Evenings for Newcomers

Information Evenings

You will learn what happens on swinger nights. What can I expect? What are the rules? Am I obligated to participate? Can I set my limits? Are there people my age?

We suggest an information evening on swinger and sexual activities that occur in and around Montreal, whether you are a couple or single.

Come and learn the most sensual, erotic and sexual hot spots in Greater Montreal. We will give you directions on where these evenings are held, and on cruising bars and private homes.

You will learn where the action is for exhibitionism and voyeurism in Montreal. You will be surprised to hear the names of well-known places that go unnoticed to the uninitiated.

We will give you juicy tips on how to participate in these playful encounters and how to maximize your pleasure.

You will learn all there is to know about swinger etiquette.

We will show you where the hot spots are. We will also show you where you can make love in the great outdoors with one or with many partners, where it is considered normal and accepted.
You will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about sadomasochism but were afraid to ask. How does one participate in role-playing, from master to slave? Where to go for such activities, to satisfy your curiosity, participation not withstanding?

We will guide you to the "wildest" places that usually have temporary locations. We will distinguish between those that accept the "curious" versus others that are more "hardcore".

Our information evenings will teach you all of that and so much more!

Come and spend a pleasant evening and discover the best Montreal has to offer!

When - Where - How Much

It starts here!

Next Meetings:

Tex Mex Restaurant (2212, St-Germain Street in Montreal).

Next sessions :

Saturday, August 4th, 2006 at 8 p.m.

Entrance Fee (at the door):

  • Couples (men and women), $50 per couple.
  • Single women, $15.
  • Single men, $50.
Attend an information session and get a free list of Montreal's hot spots as well as a free pass to participate.

514 990-5723


If you reserve by email, give only your surname or you given name, age, the city where you live as well as the evening of your choice.

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