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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Association

The mission of the Quebec Association of Swingers (AEQSA) is to promote the swinger lifestyle with the greater public and with governmental proceedings.

The AEQSA has the mandate, the duty and the obligation to see that all its members, private and corporate, are respected.

The AEQSA has the mandate to ensure with its corporate members (meeting organizers) that the meetings unfold respecting the limits of each participant.

The AEQSA has the mandate to ensure with its private members that the latter behave in a respectful manner towards other members of the Association and towards anyone present at the swingers' encounters.

The AEQSA has the mandate to ensure that encounters respect the law, condemning any and all sexual acts committed with a minor person in accordance with Quebec Law (18 years), condemning any and all consumption or sale of drugs, condemning prostitution or any type of remuneration in exchange for sexual acts, or any other criminal act according to the laws of Quebec or Canada. See Laws.

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