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A word from the president

A word from the president

Throughout history, man has always fantasized about sex in groups or, at the very least, with different partners. From Ancient Greece through the Romans, the Egyptians, the T'Ang Dynasty, and many other civilizations, this sexual practice appears to have been used by various peoples.

Eskimos, Chinese, North Asian Chuckchees, Hawaiians, Tibetans, Africans, Germans - to name but a few - have all practiced swinging at one time or another throughout the ages.

The high interest people have with practice seems to be rooted in religion, education, social mores and acquired personal values.

In our North American society, most particularly in Quebec, this freethinking Lifestyle is becoming more and more accepted. Couples open to this practice tend to be in their 30's and 40's, and are not as influenced as their predecessors by repressive religions and social mores.

With the topic of sexuality becoming less taboo, many couples, after having explored the joys of discovering one another's body, decide to live out their sexual experiences with other people.

Many well-known people have made sexual history - The Emperor of Tiber, the Marquis de Sad, The Wu Tu Empress of the T'Ang Dynasty, Cleopatra, Pablo Picasso, Guy de Maupassant - to cite but a few examples.

Most industrialized countries have an association of people who practice swinging. Quebec has lagged a bit in this regard. I use the past tense as times are changing. The Quebec Association of Swingers has seen the light of day and, I hope, with it a certain open-mindedness among Quebeckers.

Jean Hamel, President
October 2001

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