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Advantages for Private Members

  • Private members receive a personalized plasticized membership card.

  • Private members receive the AEQSA manual.

  • Private members receive a private access code for free use of the AEQSA Internet site. This section includes, among other things, Montreal's hot spots (for AEQSA members and non-members) as well as on-line chatting.

  • Private members receive a serious of rebate coupons supplied by corporate members, organizing members of meetings in homes and associated members outside Quebec. The rebate total far outweighs the AEQSA membership dues.

  • Private members have the privilege of attending conferences organized by the AEQSA aimed at people in the general public who are interested in learning about the swinger lifestyle.

  • Private members have the privilege of attending all other conferences organized by the AEQSA, benefiting from a 25% rebate off the price requested from the general public.

  • Private members have the privilege of sponsoring future members.

  • Private members have access to the Association's legal services.

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