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In case of Arrest

In Case of Arrest

It is not our intention to scare you with the threat of a police raid, but the grey zone of our laws, makes it necessary to look to this as a possible eventuality.

The accusation that can be brought against you is if you are "found, without lawful excuse, in a common bawdy house". This would be a summary conviction.
See Laws 210.2b.

The accusation and the eventual guilty verdict, does not lead to a criminal record. The police officers cannot take your fingerprints nor can they take your picture to create a record.

Your only obligation, at the time of the arrest, is to identify yourself.

You do not have to sign a declaration, you do not have to justify yourself, discuss or divulge anything whatsoever to the police officers.

You have the right to call your relatives as well as a lawyer.

You have the right to be informed without delay the reason for your arrest and detention.

Be vigilant and be conscious that the police officers have often played a game of terror in past arrests. They have tried to have people sign declarations of guilt, mentioning that all would end with a simple signature on your part and that this would avoid the publicity surrounding the trial.

In fact, with the fine being only $250, many have been tempted to sign to avoid a trial. Do not do anything on the spur of the moment. Give yourself a few days to reflect and, most of all, give yourself the time to have the process explained to you if you plead not guilty.

The AEQSA is convinced that the evenings that unfold when following the swinger rules and etiquette, are completely legal. The Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedoms protects the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. It also protects the right to pacifist meetings and the right to freedom of association.
See fundamental freedoms, 2,b.c.d.

The Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Persons are the same as that of Canada but adds the explicit right to sexual orientation.

Never forget that all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty before the court.

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